Booking assessments with CompreMed is easy!  Use one of the methods outlined below to get in touch with us.  If you aren't sure what to expect when you do start the referral process, you can read a general outline of what happens during a referral and what is required by us to get your assessment for you. 

For more information about what is involved when booking an assessment, visit:  Information about what is required to book a referral

You can book an assessment with CompreMed in any ONE of the following ways:
Use our secure online referral system


Secure Docs portal solution allows you to send a referral securely and allows for bi-directional flow of confidential information i.e. medical history, questions  and for the exhange of files, reports and communications surrounding assessments. 

There is no cost to create a SecureDocs / SecureReferral account.

Any messages or other content posted to SecureDocs will trigger a notification to you by regular email.  Simply click on the link within the notification and, once you have entered your credentials, directly access the content.  Secure and simple exchange of messages and files with our staff will drastically enhance your productivity and reduce the time you spend playing 'voicemail tag'.

OR, fill out our referral form and fax or email it to us

Referral Form


Our referral form gathers all of the information we need to book an assessment for you.  Once we have your referral, we will follow up with you to discuss your timelines, and any special needs you may have.

Click the link below for a referral form which you can fill out electronically or print and fill out manually. 



  Get Adobe Reader

OR, give us a call!

Call us

Maybe it seems old fashioned, but we think talking is a fantastic way to understand what you are looking for.  If you aren't sure about what you want exactly, or what CompreMed can do for you, please give us a call and we'll be happy to help you in any way we possibly can.  We still know how to use the telephone and we look forward to hearing from you!

Call us toll free in Canada at:  1-888-777-2500

And, if you prefer to fax us, you can use our toll free fax line at : 1-888-538-2501

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