"Compremed has been an outstanding partner. 
They are extremely reliable and always provide background information, instructions to clients on location and useful proofreading support on cases I have seen through their service"

Dr. M Katz, 

Psychiatrist, Ontario

"I have been doing assessments now for the past year and have found the experience very positive.  The client specialists are very efficient.  Appointments are made quickly and I’m always able to speak with someone if I need to.  
They have also been very timely and accurate around invoicing.  Lastly, they have only provided minor feedback around typos rather than suggesting content in a report be changed, and CompreMed is one of the best companies at ensuring they do not impinge on my independence as a physician."

Dr. B Booth 

MD, FRCPC, DABPN (Forensics), Psychiatrist, ROHCG-IFP

Psychiatry Residency Program Director, U Ottawa, Assistant Professor, U Ottawa

"I have enjoyed working with the professional staff at CompreMed since 2001 providing IME assessments for employers and insurance companies. The staff have been very organized, knowledgeable, timely, and courteous. They have made the process providing the IME service seamless. I have appreciated the support they have offered in difficult situations. The staff have been very accessible. CompreMed as an organization has treated me with respect and has paid my invoices on time. CompreMed has focused on providing an excellent IME service of top quality assessments in a timely manner. In my role as internal psychiatric consultant for two major insurance companies I am aware of CompreMed's reputation for excellent service to the insurance industry. I hope to continue to working with CompreMed for many years in a partnership to provide quality assessments."

Irena Esche 



Why Become A CompreMed Provider?

CompreMed Canada is national health network organization with an exclusive focus on providing third-party independent medical assessments through a provider network of some of the finest and most competent physicians and rehabilitation specialists in Canada.  


Our medical provider network, which was initiated within teaching hospital centres, has expanded to include Canadian towns and cities coast to coast and includes many of this country's best medical practitioners and facilities.  

We provide Independent Medical Examinations (IME), Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) and Diagnostic Imaging Services to large insurance companies, healthcare companies and national public and private organizations.  By quality assuring and credentialing our providers, we maintain our accountability to clients and foster an industry reputation for excellent customer service, high standards and integrity.  We can help you to set standard professional rates and have guides to help you fully understand the requirements of conducting an IME.  

CompreMed is a great team for you to work with and we are here to partner with you in giving the best customer service while maintaining the highest standards and practices.

We are strongly committed to maintaining an arms length relationship between our providers and our clients, protecting both from any possible insinuation of a lack of objectivity.  While we may ask for clarification on a particular report, we will not ask you to modify your opinion, regardless of the circumstances.

We resist the current trend of amalgamation of IME providers and remain staunchly independent in order to ensure that our clients receive your opinions with the highest level of objectivity.

Requirements for CompreMed Providers

In order to be considered for inclusion in the CompreMed Network as a provider, the following conditions must be met:

  • Physicians must hold a valid medical license with the appropriate college
  • Physicians must be in good standing with that college
  • Other professionals (OT/PT, etc.) must be a member in good standing of their professional college
  • Providers must have in place current CMPA coverage and verification of malpractice insurance
  • Medical Specialists must be in good standing with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada with valid FRCP(C) or FRCS(C) designation in the specialty in which they are performing the service.

For a complete guidebook on the IME process and the provider's role, download our IME Standards and Service Guide:  


If you are interested in becoming a provider please call our offices at 1-888-777-2500 toll free, or email us at providers@compremed.com

You are not a commodity and we won't treat you like one!
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