What To Expect

Privacy and Objectivity Assured

If you have been contacted to participate in an independent evaluation by CompreMed or have been given the option of CompreMed to arrange your assessment, you can be assured that you are being assessed by one of the very best specialists in Canada who will be objective in their examinations and reports.   We select the provider, and not your insurance company or employer so you can be be sure you are receiving the benefit of arm's length objectivity.  Our medical providers are held to a high standard.  Your privacy is being protected at all times under all government and employment laws and regulations.  We provide personal service and your private health information and all of the details regarding your assessment are handled with great care especially in protecting your privacy.  If you have any concerns about privacy please go to our privacy policy by clicking here.

Assessment Process

One of CompreMed’s Booking Agents or your employer or Case Manager will contact you with details about where and when your assessment will take place.  The notification of your assessment will consist of a document package as follows:

Appointment Confirmation

Includes date, time of assessment, location of assessment, type of assessment, name of doctor, length of appointment to be expected and any special instructions.


You'll receive a map showing the route from your residence to location of assessment

Consent Form

You will receive a consent form that you must sign and bring with you on the day of your assessment.  The assessment cannot proceed without your consent.

Still Have Questions or Concerns?

We are always happy to hear from you to help you with your assessment booking.  If you have a booking inquiry please call us at 1-888-777-2500. 

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